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Why Migrating to SAP HANA is the Magic pill for all your business needs right now?

Posted by Savio Cruz on Jul 11, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Today, business all over the world are under constant pressure to be more agile, smarter and best of all digitally connected. Managing Large Data with High speed and operating real-time is a real challenge for many Enterprise resource systems across the world. Add to that the challenges faced by many enterprises today like adding new customers and opportunities, engaging existing customers in better ways, delivering quality products or services often at lightning speeds. This is where SAP HANA comes in, as the perfect solution. Early migration to SAP HANA helps organisations to make full use of tools and applications designed for the digital age and best of all solve many if not all problems -A Magic pill for sure! SAP HANA would allow business to achieve rapid value recognition in the fast-paced environment as well as the faster return of investment.


But many organisations do not fully understand or appreciate what they stand to gain by migrating their traditional enterprise resource planning systems to the real-time, in-memory computing capable SAP HANA platform. What many organisations fail to realise is that although the functionalities have been good, performance has been core problem for most ERPs across the world. But with SAP HANA, performance -ridden businesses can draw new hopes. One may not need SAP BW nor ERP to benefit from SAP HANA.


The speed and simplicity of SAP HANA can help many business deal with real-time needs. While business competitors are running and evaluating better analytic tools, you can solve all these by just moving to SAP HANA. SAP HANA platform dramatically reduces time-to-analysis thereby helping you achieve greater enterprise agility and aid in faster decision making. A simple move to outmanoeuvre even your best competitors! But then why is that most Businesses not moving to SAP-HANA?


Well, some would like to access the solutions, some are not sure if their current applications will disappear in the new platform, some are not sure about the migration Services from SAP to SAP, some are caught with the thought whether it is affordable while some are confused with all the myths flying around about SAP HANA especially the tough migration processes. The truth of the matter is the SAP HANA migration can be a simple migration provided you work with the right consulting team who can understand your business, your priorities and the current technology architecture. SAP HANA migration is not just an implementation project, it is definitely an enabler and is the best platform for digital transformation.


VisionTree offers the roadmap to every Enterprise to Migrate to SAP HANA, Leverage Best Practices of Industry on SAP HANA Platform. We can help you choose the right path of migration and optimise the effort, time and the cost involved. With our proven knowledge and experience, we can not only mitigate the risks involved in the migration but also help in achieving complete digital transformation for your organisation with the help of HANA and also scale analytical applications in the way you would like to see. With the help of our subject matter expertise, we also bring in process automation for large enterprises, optimise business processes and solutions to maximise the performance of  HANA engine. VisionTree Technology can partner with you to provide the perfect solution that can always be relied upon.


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