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Agileness of Distribution Center for Mastering Supply Chain

Posted by Savio Cruz on Aug 3, 2016 10:00:00 AM
supply chain management

Organized, efficient, and timely – these are all important qualities that describe a successful distribution center.

But there’s one other factor that can really make your warehouse operations more efficient: agility. Having the ability to adapt to changing conditions in order to meet shifting demand at a moment’s notice is key to truly mastering supply change management.


For example, retail businesses are constantly managing fluxes in demand. When demand is too low, they suffer from high inventory carrying costs. When demand is too high, they face potential stockouts. Having the ability to adjust to each scenario is vital for maximizing profit and customer satisfaction.


For businesses that may need help with warehouse management, a digital transformation of your operations will help your distribution center become more agile. In addition to helping with managing your costs in business, an improved supply chain management system can help you in the following important areas:

Process Improvement

In order to have fluid, agile operations, seamless processes are a necessity. With mounting pressures of constant deadlines and costs, solid processes keep things running smoothly within your warehouse. From handling receipts to dock equipment, staff should have a strong understanding of the process for every warehouse management component. This will grant them the comfort and knowledge to jump from task to task as needed.


One of the ways to ensure your employees can reach peak performance is to provide regular training sessions, covering any process changes, new technologies, or organizational updates. And if you think you may need to revamp your processes completely, consider partnering with a digital business transformation consultant who can provide insights into industry best practices and software solutions, like SAP HANA. These technologies provide an all-on-one supply chain management solution that helps improve process integration.

Demand Fulfillment

As warehouse managers know, forecasts are constantly changing. Companies can take measures to increase accuracy, but minimizing forecast errors is a substantial challenge. Fortunately, system automation can improve demand precision and enable your warehouse to operate more fluidly to meet changing demand.


There is no limit to the benefits that automating your processes can provide. You can increase agility and respond to on-demand orders as needed or manage cross docking and inventory levels from one platform. Plus, your workforce will be better able to focus on other tasks, ensuring you fulfill demand on time with high levels of accuracy.

Resource Optimization

By optimizing processes, you can put your workforce to use more effectively. When standard processes can be completed automatically, your employees are free to focus on other high-priority tasks that support your business goals.


Leveraging technologies like SAP Extended Warehouse Management will help you make the most of your resources. With SAP EWM, you can benefit from flexible, automated support that will help you continue to move orders along the supply chain and manage inventory warehouse space with greater efficiency.When it comes to warehouse management, you should always be prepared for change. By enhancing your warehouse agility with the right processes and technology, you'll be able to respond to constantly changing conditions without any gaps.


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