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10 Ways to Improve User Experience

Your digital presence is the first thing that customers use to form impressions about your organization. If it's clunky, inconsistent, or redundant, it can have negative consequences.

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Accounting Has Gone Digital: What You ...

Accounting and reporting are important functions of any company's finances. But with the advent of technological advancements, many organizations have shifted from accounting-driven models to planning-driven ones.

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Topics: Digital Transformation

Success Platform Is Vital for Every ...

How are you collecting data to improve your organization? If you aren’t using an open-source business platform, you should be. Customer Success Platform is a Salesforce tool that enables you to deliver improved productivity and increase your operational potential. It's a powerful resource that provides insight into important areas of business, including the following.

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10 Ways of Engaging Better with Your ...

Today, there are more ways than ever to engage with customers, and there’s never been so much competition to do so. While engaging with customers is crucial, doing so is a challenge that businesses across all industries struggle with. To help you stand out and connect with your consumers, here are 10 suggestions for improving customer engagement.

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Convert thoughts into Actionable ...

In this digital age, response time plays a crucial role in almost every business process. A great response time is a hallmark of a great company. But then why that is all companies not able to provide good response times?  Well, it could be because of unnecessarily complications in approval system or because of the repetitive business processes or other reasons. Saving time has been crucial for many organizations in achieving the growth and success.


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Topics: Workflow Automation

Lets Make More Amazing Things Happen ...

Online communities have been around for quite some time. Although the technologies behind such digital platforms have not changed much, the human aspect of the communities is undergoing fast changes. In fact, the entire community software market has clearly increased employing the digital communities to analyse the stakeholders closer, to get work done more cost-effectively.


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